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Patent Smart Clothes Drying Rack 20M

  • Manufacturer: HouseIn Home Products
  • Item No.: Sakura
  • Country of Manufacture:China
  • Suits: 1-4 People
  • Total Line Space:20m
  • Assembly Required:No
  • Number of Lines:28
  • Frame Height:198cm
  • Frame Material:#201 stainless,ABS,PP,Nylon
  • Warranty:2 years
  • Open Size:159cm x 68cm x 192cm

Patent Smart Clothes Drying Rack

-Start using in one second!-

A clothesline with integrated clothes rail, to dry shirts directly on the hanger, but also to spread the sheets to their full length!

Thanks to this drying rack with clothes rail you can easily dry large quantities of laundry, underwear and socks.

Convenient and practical, once used it closes and takes up very little space in your laundry room. With mesh top ideal for drying shoes.

160 x 192 x 68 cm. Made of metal and plastic.

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