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3 Tiers Collapsible Clothes Dryer Rack

  • Manufacturer: HouseIn Home Products
  • Item No.: Hi-Suit
  • Country of Manufacture:China
  • Suits: 1-5 People
  • Total Line Space:22m
  • Assembly Required:Yes
  • Frame Height:150cm
  • Material:#201 stainless and PP/ABS plastic
  • Warranty:2 years
  • Open Size:90-178cm x 66cm x 150cm

The Dryer innovation gives you the benefit of a large drying capacity of 22 meters.

It replaces up to 5 conventional dryers and can accommodate the linen of 2 machines of 5 kg with:
– its 6 large drying trays
– its 2 hanger holders with 5 hangers each
– its extension bar for large pieces of laundry
– 36 sock hooks

This dryer is completely modular. It adapts to your needs and your detergents.
Depending on the laundry you have to dry, you can position it as needed.
The drying levels can be folded up, raised or lowered depending on the need and the length of your laundry.
Thanks to its 2 meter extension bar, you can dry sheets and duvet covers without any problem.

This dryer is compact: guaranteed space saving!
If desired, you can fold the spreading tiers.
It takes only 14 cm thick feet folded.

The drying tubes are wide. This is very practical so that there are no traces when the laundry is dry.
Mobile, its wheels allow easy movement.

This new version offers you:
– Adjustable wings that tilt up or down for spreading long towels or sheets
– Crosses in the wings allowing you to insert hangers or a bra clip, for example
– The dryer has been tested with a maximum load of 25 kg

Composition :
1 dryer with 3 floors consisting of:
– 6 folding drying elements (with 108 crosses in the wings)
– 2 hanger racks of 5 hangers
– 2 folding legs
– 2 vertical tubes
– 1 stabilizer bar
– 1 upper bar (special for shirts and sheets with side extensions for large sheets)
– 6 self-locking hinges (T connectors)
– 6 wheels
– 1 instruction manual
Dimensions of the unfolded product: 178 x 65 x 148 cm
Dimension of the closed product: 94 x 26 x 148 cm


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